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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pay homage to Irish Food.............and our ever increasing waistlines!

Only in Ireland can you wake up to a yogurt that has champagne and cream for breakfast. I honestly do believe that if I were on death row and had to choose my last meal, this creamy DELICIOUS yogurt would end up on my plate. Considering I am not on death row, I could think of several other ways to enjoy this tasty treat!After our first trip to the open air market last week, Ron got a lovely piece of freshly caught Galway Salmon. I had picked up some arugula (they call it rocket here) and cherry tomatoes at the organic farm, and a few balsamic soaked baby onions. I know your mouths are watering, but to top if off, Chef made the Rondo's house dressing (using Coleman's mustard instead of Dijon) and we were both in food utopia. We scoured around Granny cupboards to see if there was a splash of wine to wash this gourmet sensation down with and lo and behold we found a Banrock Station Chardonnay (remember we had the Riesling on the menu at Rondo's). OK, NOW we had reached a new version of 'food nirvana'..............all I have to ask at this point is 'who will come to visit us first' ??? And, because we are literally withering away to nothing over here on the Emerald Isle, we need sustenance when braving the cold blustery August weather, so the breakfast of choice on a cold wet day is of course the traditional Irish Breakfast. Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, fried tomatoes, Sausage, Beans and a huge basket of toast and brown bread, all washed down with some lovely hot tea!
OK, now Ron and I are not alone in this food frenzy. Jack has discovered Irish Cheesecake is possibly 'the bess bess food I eber hab'.
Oh, it pains me to look at this photo. He is getting so big and developing into such a handsome little man. At the market, we were greeted by the 'catch of the day' which the children begged and pleaded with us for an hour to buy it, cook it and eat it. Ron was hesitant as he is not a big shark steak fan. We opted for the Oranmore Oysters (7.50 euros per dozen) followed by a few pounds of mussels and poullard clams. Stay tuned for an update on how dinner turned out..................sure to be tasty.

That's all the WiseWords for today,


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