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Friday, November 07, 2008

Food Coma............

What a week! They say when all else fails - we should eat! So, eat we did! And then some.
Before I natter on incessantly about all the boring details, this photo above is of the yummy quiche we had for lunch today. I will post a recipe down below (well, kind of a recipe - enough for you to get started).
I rarely have to grocery shop or cook. I know, I am a lucky girl.
I would do these necessary chores if Ron did not feel like it, but it is his vocation in life, to grow, buy and cook.
I (like most busy Mum's out there) race around from shop to shop, trying to keep one hand on 2 children whilst not dropping the eggs and trying to find my keys, all the while realising that I have just checked out at the cash register and forgotten to buy what I came in for in the first place!!!
He gets such pleasure from spending hours (and I do mean hours) looking for those perfect ingredients that will make that perfect meal.
He has an easygoing saunter around the market or grocery store (even with the children in tow) and carefully examines each piece like his life depends on it before finally reaching into his pocket, to take out his wallet, ask how much the piece costs, haggle a little and finally pay for it.

After our little costing out project this past week wondering how much it would cost to feed our family of four for one week, you will be happy to know it is getting cheaper and cheaper by the day!

You see, for us this was a little overwhelming. Ron has always been a day-to-day shopper. I think it goes hand in hand with being a Chef and running a restaurant. He only imagines what to cook on a daily basis and does not really like to plan a menu for one week (especially for his family).

The arduous task began with him developing a lovely meal plan menu for the week and I am happy to say he did not stick to it at all! Although it sounded lovely, and we did end up eating a few items he had proposed, his creativity was stifled by forcing him to plan a menu for a week and stick to it :-)

Before I sign off, here is the quick quiche recipe:

Either make your own pastry from scratch or buy the one ready to bake.

You will need:

1 cup Milk
1/2 cup Cream
3 eggs (we used duck eggs)
1/4 cup creme fraiche (to make it creamier)
Smoked bacon (chopped up and fried)
Gruyere & Cheddar cheeses (grated - and get the good stuff)
2 whole leeks

Saute the leeks with the smoked bacon. Mix the eggs, milk & cream together in a bowl with a balloon whisk. Add creme fraiche.

Blind bake the pastry and let it cool. After it has cooled down, spoon in the leek/bacon mix. Sprinkle the cheese all over then slowly pour on the egg mixture.

Cook for 30 mins on 180 C in the middle of the oven. Keep an eye on it. It should brown a little on top but not too much. We ate ours right out of the oven with a Beet & Arugula salad.

Still tasting it............................totally totally delicious!

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,



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