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Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Chef's Birthday

If all our days started like this one, wouldn't we be just a little bit happier. This was the view we woke up to this glorious sunrise on the Chef's birthday and for once, he was not unhappy with being woken early by the squealing kids. They were sooooooo excited that this day had finally begun because it involved cake and a trip to one of Ireland's most beautiful beaches.

We headed south to County Clare to Lahinch Beach. Although the sun was not shining, there were plenty of surfers taking to the waves and we had a lovely brisk walk along the Atlantic coast. This was the first time we took Pearl the puppy with us (to the beach) and she went bananas. The freedom to run like crazy in a pack with all the other dogs was just too much for her and she was in puppy heaven.
Afterwards, we stopped into this little place called Joe's Café for a bite of lunch. The puppy had long passed out in the car and as you can see from the photo above she was in good company!
The food at this little place was yummy. There are little gems dotted around the country that sell good, wholesome food at really affordable prices. Worth looking for but not easy to find!
The brightly painted interior led me to believe this place could have been owned by an American guy, but actually an Irish guy (named Joe) owns the place.
It had a hippy California café feel to it but served mostly Irish (local) fare. Yummy, Yum! Cannot wait to go back! So, a happy birthday was had by the Chef, and a quiet afternoon had by all as the brats slept all the way home!
That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


SJ Martin said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Chef! Here's to many, many more!

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