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Monday, June 01, 2009

Gone Fishing!

Depending on where you are calling home these days, you may or may not have heard that Ireland is having a heatwave! I have been offline for the last couple of weeks due to the fact that there is sooooooooo much sunny weather and children addicted to the beach bum lifestyle that the very last thing I have had time or passion for - is laptop land.
We only live a few minutes from several great beaches and less than an hour from 3 AMAZING beaches, so the hardest decision each day has been 'Which beach' do we spend our lazy afternoons at. One of our favourites - about 40 minutes from our house is Fanore, in County Clare. In order to get there, you have (only one road in, and same road out) to drive along the coast road which in its entirety looks like the above for 35 of that 40 minute trip.

Stopping in to one of Ron's favourite pubs 'Monk's' on the way home has become more than a habit and the owner there is getting rather attached to his little helpers.

Ron swears that the Guinness tastes sooooo much better in Ireland - but now that the sun is shining and it is reaching the high 70's or 80's each day - the only problem he is encountering is how to drink it faster!!

Upon returning home the children and Ron usually spend a half hour in the veggie garden weeding, and watering (who would have thunk it in good old Ireland that you would have to water your veggie garden!!) and the fruits of their labour of love is throwing us a bounty of goodies almost daily already!

More blogging to follow my friends,
That is all the WiseWords I have for today!


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