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Monday, August 17, 2009

Any one for breakfast in bed?

It has been almost thirteen years since Ron and I shared our first breakfast in bed. Over the years I have blogged & written shamelessly about the importance of togetherness sometimes to the jest or ridicule of many of our friends. It doesn't even phase me what others think.

Sharing a few quiet 'childless' moments in bed daily with my sweetheart, sharing a cup of coffee and a bite to eat has always been the nicest way to start our day. I think most couples give way to the race and pace of a more hurried lifestyle and perhaps we are just that bit too lazy sometimes - but I hope it is something we can preserve as we meander through the next phase of our life!

A few evenings ago my brother came over for dinner with his future in-laws. He is all but wed at this point with his big day less than a month away. His in-laws (the Wynne family) are from Dublin and are really a lovely addition to our always growing and changing family.

Pete (father-in-law) was telling us about a rare delicacy from County Cork called 'Hot Buttered Eggs'. I suppose because we live our lives so immersed in the food world, we were all surprised that not one of us had heard of this tasty treat!
Going back centuries here in Ireland (apparently only in County Cork - way down south) this delicacy was born during a Lenten period. Apparently the farm wives would station their children outside the hen house awaiting the clucking of an overly excited hen alerting the world that they had just created yet another masterpiece.
Those eggs - still warm are have (amazingly) very porous shells. The eggs are then massaged in buttery hands and apparently this acts as a preservative barrier which would last through the duration of lent (40 days and 40 nights for those heathens out there) and upon use would have developed quite a buttery taste!

Armed with all the essential items - 2 children waiting outside the hen house, lots of soft Kerrygold butter and a hungry husband - we decided to give it a whirl!
Around here we do not keep our eggs in the fridge so after leaving them sit for several days impatience got the better of my handsome chef and he was begging for his 'Hot Buttered Egg' this morning for breakfast.

Being the 'good wife' that I am (ha ha ha) I figured as he had worked his butt off last week on our lovely bread/pizza oven then the least I could do was whip up a little egg love for breakfast.

Two soft boiled eggs and some homemade brown soda bread (toasted) later - what is our consensus on the Hot Buttered Eggs?

Only one way to find out folks, let me know when you are coming for a visit!
That is all the WiseWords I have for today!


Eric said...

Ok thats just not right - leaving us a cliffhanger. I came to visit already - dont I get a special sneak on this delicacy?!?

WiseMóna said...

I am pretty sure you already know the outcome Eric!

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