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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh God, I'm a horrible Wife....................

It's true. I am.

To begin with - Tuesday's kind of suck around here. I am in class from 8am - 6pm and it is pushing 7pm by the time I get home - no matter what I do. My last class of the day is German, and my teacher asked what I had planned for the evening. I told her I was going to drive at breakneck speed to get home in time to (hopefully) have dinner with my kids and hubby, then hop them into bed ASAP, as we all have an early start each morning. To which she replied ' oh, that is awful for the children, not seeing you at all'? Normally, a comment like this would reduce me to floods of tears, someone insensitive reminding me how horrible this was that I was abandoning my offspring - but the truth is, the kids don't really is true.
They are so happy with Granny taking care of them after school, having a treat, and getting their homework done. Then Ron comes to get them at 4:30pm and they play for the afternoon. Who needs Mum??

So why then am I a horrible wife I hear you ask.....................................??? Well, by the time I got home, it was well indeed 7pm and I was met at the door with the fantastic smell of fried chicken. Oh, God - kill me now, because I can feel my arteries hardening. I wanted to bitch a little because he left a basket of clean clothes right by the fryer - so now I have to re-wash them because they stink like fryer oli. But - I did not. Because, he was making dinner, it was late - and I love him for that.

Yes - it actually tasted as good as it looks. When I got into the kitchen, I was met with a few hello's, how'd it go, I missed you comments, but I was feeling my temperature rising even further because the mess in the kitchen was equal to that of a herd of elephants having stampeded through it - but stopped along the way to drag bag of flour out of the cupboards and mash it onto the counters and all over the floor.

Sheepishly grinning by the sink washing some pots and pans was my handsome Chef. "I made fried chicken for dinner and some cherry tomato risotto honey. Oh, and while I was at it, I made a lasagna for dinner tomorrow, so all we have to do is throw a salad together and make some garlic bread when we get home".
Me -biting down so hard on my tongue I could taste blood in order to stop myself from having a complete fit over the freaking mess in my kitchen, kissed him on the lips and went into the toilet to wash my hands before supper. It's ok - it is just a small mess. He made two freaking dinners!!

Came back out after calming myself down to be met with a very nice glass of my one of my favourite brews. I am tired, I am grumpy, I have just finished cleaning up the mess.
It was probably one of the best meals of my life. For real. Buttermilk soaked, deep fried sticky asian chicken with cherry tomato risotto......................and some belgian ale.
Oh, yeah. He also made chicken and dumplings (soup) for my Mum.
I know - I am lucky. I hate feeling so mad when I see the mess he makes. It is such a very small price to pay considering he cooks all day, then comes home to cook again, and take care of the kids, and feed the hens, and the least this time I managed to bite my tongue!
That is all the exhausted WiseWords I have for today!
Bad Wife,


Eric said...

First dont let the outside world get to you regarding the kids. You do more with your family than 95% of the population I have witnessed. If the kids dont happen to see ya one evening, they will be fine. You will be there in the morning when they wake up. You and Ron are incredible - I dont know how you do it - I dont know if I ever could do what you do.

One other thing, I would love to be able to excuse the mess if someone cooked for me. Life goes on, the mess really doesnt matter in the scheme of things. Bottom line - you did the right thing in this situation - dont beat up on yourself - chalk it up to rough day - everybody has them. ;-)

Hugz, Eric

Pama Mitchell said...

That's wonderful to have a chef for a husband, but I TOTALLY GET IT about the mess in the kitchen! I guess I am a mean bitch too (way worse than you) because I probably would not have been able to maintain my cool as well as you did.
Oh well, life has its challenges. It's good you can see beyond them to what matters most. And I LOVE the family photo at the top (& bottom) of your blog. Makes me think I ought to do more of that on mine, and not just of ME, either. Photos of folks enjoying food and not just the food, maybe?
Thanks for the inspiration. Visit my blog, too, when you can. And say hi to Ron!! Love, Pama (

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