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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Only in Ireland........................

I do not need to beat around the bush with this one. I am not very religious. I am not sure why exactly as I was raised Catholic, but my lack of faith is sometimes all consuming.

Some very close friends of our lost a full term baby a week ago. They have immense faith and I suppose because of this they have the strength to carry on and deal with this tragic event.

Although it is an unimaginable pain to have to deliver a dead baby into this world, they were permitted to be with their little angel for a little over a week - to grieve.

Yesterday, they returned to the hospital to bring their baby home where we all gathered to have a little 'Wake' and say our brief hello and tearful goodbyes.

(An Irish WAKE: A very old tradition of celebrating the life of the deceased with the body in their own home. Typically lots of food, storytelling, laughter, tears and a little drinkies too).

I was sick to my stomach all morning and tried to conjure up every reason in the world not to go, because I just did not feel strong enough to get through the afternoon. I was certain that I would not attend the Bedtime Funeral Mass for this little baby. (unimaginably selfish of me, I know).

After giving myself a good talking to, I went to their home a little early armed with some food and 'take charge' skills. For me, taking care of people comes easy. Maybe it was my training as a wedding planner, or owning our own restaurant. Something so small brought comfort to my friends. I would feed them and wash dishes for them from here to eternity if I thought it would ease their pain. Later and tearfully I managed to say my little poem at the church for my friends.

This is no time to be selfish.


Little Baby Sophie
Sleeping and at peace.
Blessed little daughter
And most adoring niece.

We lit most every candle
In Ireland that we found,
To light your way to heaven
Now that you are homeward bound.

Little Baby Sophie
You’ve never been so cherished.
Mum and Dad, are so very sad
Hearts heavy, bereft with anguish.

Little Baby Sophie
Sleeping and at peace
Loving little daughter
Treasured little niece.

26th November 2009
May she rest in peace

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,



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