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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wise Movie Review - Avatar

It is not very often that I am stuck for WiseWords to share with y'all - OK, I am never really stuck for words. Being Irish I was blessed with the 'the gift of the gab' as they say around here and that is my cross to bear. After watching the brand new movie AVATAR (that I was dying to see) I was left kind of speechless and even a little breathless.

Opening day in the US raked in a cool $73 million but trust me when I tell you folks for James Cameron that is not even the teeny tiny tip of the iceberg - yeah, pun intended. Cameron could afford a twelve year hiatus after 'Titanic' due to the fact that it raked in $1,835,300,000 (that is more than one billion) at the box office and it is still the worlds biggest movie earner.

So what does a brilliant director and writer do for twelve years whilst on his little mini-break? He invents and creates life on another planet named Pandora. He breeds a tribe of long lean lithe brilliant blue bodied natives and names them the Na'vi clan.

Cameron develops two worlds for us to live in for almost three (of the fastest) hours. He keeps it real in the real world we live in, where the army and the government are plundering greedy MEN (sorry guys) trying to rape the land for its very plentiful and expensive natural resources.

At the beginning of the movie there is a Wizard of Oz quote from Col. Quaritch "You are not in Kansas anymore. This is Pandora, Ladies and Gentlemen. If there is such a place called Hell, you may want to plan a trip there for some R & R after your tour here on Pandora".

This got me a little tense and annoyed because I got the impression that this was going to be heavily laden with a ravaging war and not the love story I was hoping for. Brilliantly Cameron gives us both!

I want to go into waaaaaay toooooooo much detail here to tell you what went down with the two main characters Jake Sully and Neytiri but I am really hoping that sporting your 3-D shades you will run to the Cinema nearest you TODAY and watch this movie.

A few months ago I blogged about the effects of watching Slumdog Millionaire. I found it visually electrifying. Avatar has created a world of its own when it comes to the visual graphics Cameron has offered to us on a silver platter.

It is a classic love story - with more beautiful nude blue bodies than clothed white ones. There is way to much war and bloodshed for it to be a stand alone chick flick - so you can bring the guys along.

There is so much erotic visual stimulation with the lights and the graphics you will certainly feel like you live in a shoe box and can only wonder in awe 'how' a man can conjure up these images in his head and manage to transfer them on to the screen.

(think of what life underwater looks like - and you will see how he creates a lot of the scenes).

Taking a risk this might give a few of you good reason to loose interest in this movie I will now stand on my soap box to wrap this up. "Look into her memories and see the world we have come from. There is no green there, they have killed their Mother."

This is a 'Treehuggers delight' as far as sending a powerful political message. The essence and well being of the Na'vi clan revolves around their nurturing of Mother Earth and the devastation and destruction that unfolds when the greedy men decide to rape the land is debilitating.

Go see the movie, then 'do your share' and make 2010 the year that you decide to help clean up your little part of the planet.

That is all the WiseWords I have for this rainy St. Stephen's Day in Ireland!



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