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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Wise Movie Review - The Blind Side

This was a great 'feel good' kind of movie. A friend of ours in the US had mentioned it a few weeks ago as worth seeing, but it sat around on the back burner over the Christmas holidays until we finally had time to watch it last night.

I reckon you could call me a sorta Sandra Bullock fan. I do like her quirkiness for the most part and I think as she gets a little longer in the tooth she is more careful with her movie choices. This movie will hook both the boys and girls. Neither a Chick Flick or BroMance this is a good all-rounder for the family-feel-good effect.
The story is about a sixteen year old kid that has been raised in the projects in Mississippi. His father was never in the picture and his mother - a crack addict. He couch surfs with some of his friends and one in particular sees the athletic potential 'Big Mike' might have, were he coached and trained properly.
In comes Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw AKA "The Tuohy's" and they sort of adopt him. She catches some flack from her rich snobby white friends who think she's dealing with some white guilt and needs a new fundraiser project to distract her. Bullock does a fairly decent job in pulling of the heavy Mississippi accent and looked pretty amazing the entire way through the film (for a girl over forty!)
One of my favourites popped in for a few lines 'Kathy Bates' as tutor to help the football star keep his grades up to snuff. I wish she had a few more lines in this movie but my favourite one was a cracker! Right before she accepted the position to work for the Tuohy family she had to declare some very pertinent information that may cause them not to hire her due to the fact that they were living in the deep conservative south. 'Well you see, Mrs. Tuohy, I - am a Democrat' . . . . . . .


Of course because this movie deals with an inter-cultural/inter-race adoption of sorts, it totally pulled on my heart strings. The one line that stood out the most and certainly hit very close to home here in this house was the line Sandra Bullock shot back to her snooty friends when they were playing the 'nice friend' card telling her how great she was and how she would change 'this boys life' - she replied 'No, he is changing mine' -

That is all the WiseWords I have for tonight!



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