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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Gourmet Lovers Guide to Galway and the surround!

Having lived away from my home town for several years in several different countries I know what it is like to be homesick. I know how difficult it can be moving to, or living in a new City. Not knowing where the best restaurants are can be frustrating if you have little to spend. Allow me to guide you in the right direction! I will lay a trail of tempting crumbs along your path  so when you end up following your nose to the place where you can buy the best cheese or a perfect loaf of freshly baked bread - sitting back and enjoying glorious Galway will be your only task.

With spring already upon us we are bracing ourselves for one hell of a tourist season here in Galway. We expect to see many of our friends this summer popping over for a visit and hope to make many new friends too. As we are still in the throes of belt tightening times I wanted to share with you my Outsider’s Insider Guide to Galway. For the most part the excursion will be cost effective to say the least!

I am the Ambassador for Galway, heart and soul. In case you have any doubt there is no place like home!


I have chosen places that appeal to all the senses and right to the core of your soul. Tapping away to the tunes played at a local pub.

Conversing with neighbours over where exactly the best pint comes from could factor into this story waiting to be told.

A lazy walk along the beach as the sun sets in the sky.

Stare for hours at a tree that you are sure has just caught fire.

Visiting one of Ireland’s greenest tourist destinations with all the luxuries you long for on holidays in a setting so majestic you’ll be seeing rainbows and stars in your dreams forever.

Or maybe by the time you’ve whiled away an afternoon lakeside with Irish literary greats like WB Yeats and a few of his friends will you solemnly declare that “To Ireland you are headed no matter what the fare!”

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,



Laoch'Rione said...

Coole Park is the tree and the lake, Lahinch is the beach and Cnoc Suain cottages is the really old house.
I cheated. Can I still have dinner???
PS - I love that photo of you, you look so chillaxxxed 'Madame Highly-Strung'

WiseMóna said...

I shoulda known you would be first!! Ok - dinner for two it is! Good thing you eat like a bird!

Pama said...

Very nice -- love the photos!

WiseMóna said...

Thanks Pama!! I will do my best to get some good ones for the next few posts!

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