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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Munchin at Munchies!

South William St, City Centre South

(01) 679-7296

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When travelling with Children (or hungry husbands), be it for a day trip or several weeks, one of the most important things to have on hand at all times is a few snacks. At one point or another someone is gonna get the munchies!

My five year old son Jack wakes up hungry/thirsty and pretty much continues that tune throughout the day in typical toddler fashion. My six-going-on-sixteen daughter Rory has very refined taste buds and eats like a bird in the morning, fills up at lunch and likes to dine lite for dinner.

My husband, the Chef, has life-long-never-ending hunger pangs. To be honest when we set of on our adventures I pack our snack stash with him in mind. Nothing quite as annoying as a hungry husband that needs sustenance immediately! 

Last week we spent the morning at the Dublin Zoo and decided to head into the city center for a nice lunch and some retail therapy. Just doing our bit to help the local economy!

Unless you know where you are going you could spend hours and hours wandering around Grafton Street or the Temple Bar district looking for that perfect little spot to have eats and treats at. People (especially little hungry people) can get a little cranky if you do not make haste in your dining decisions and choose where to eat, in a hurry!

After taking the bus into town from Phoenix Park and wandering around for five-hundred hours we finally stumbled upon a corner café called Munchies that had an inviting look from the exterior!

The inside had a great vibe spilling out the front door onto the busy spring-shoppers-filled streets. We were greeted by a long line of customers all studying the chalkboard menu and an equally fluid line of suits exiting clutching their lunch baggies to go. WiseTip: When traveling (and hungry) never ever-ever eat in a restaurant that does not have a line of people waiting outside to get in.

Munchies has the "French Café meets Dean and Deluca" feel about it. Perched prominently near the cash register was ice cold bottles of bubbly, carafes of chilled lunchtime libations and, for those that had to drive home, some freshly squeezed orange juice.

The Chef needed no convincing to try this spot for lunch because he was greeted (half way down the street) by the smell of freshly baked bread. The only difficult task for him was which loaf to munch on. Sandwich board menu items are a little deceiving in that you think you are having a sandwich for lunch but in reality you are having a lovely lunch experience that happens to be enclosed in some kick-ass breads.

With the most expensive item (Cheese board) teeter-tottering at 7 euros, it could take forever to wade knee-deep in the menu options at Munchies. Clever name-calling of their sandwiches bring smiles and hunger-pangs simultaneously. Should you decide to choose the 'Hummus The Tank Engine' or the 'Bjorn Again', the 'Bacon Whoopie' the 'Salmon Rushdie' or the 'Italian Scallion' you will not go wrong. I am certain everything on their menu will delight the taste-buds, kill the hunger-pangs and have you planning your next lunch in Dublin before you know it!

Of course you could not leave without getting 'one-a dem chocolate tingys' they had on display behind the glass case (at perfect five-year-old eye level) so a little lunch bag to go was procured as we exited, making room for the long line of late-luncher's still flowing through the doors of Munchies.

Yummy Yum yum!

Those are all the WiseWords I have for today,


P.S. It should go without saying (at this point) that this business is big on sourcing organic and locally-grown produce and serves fair-trade coffee. Cheap and Cheerful!


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