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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Black Magic Birthday Cake for Breakfast

Just shy of seven years ago, we finished the final scrap of paperwork to adopt a baby whilst living in America. It took six months of paperwork, 12 weeks of 'adoption classes' and an untold amount of hours spent answering all the questions the social workers had for us. They delved deep into our relationship and gave us good reason to feel many twangs of jealousy to all those Mum's and Dad's out there that can just pop one out!

On June 17th, 2003 I met with the social workers for one last 'signing' and handed over the last piece of paperwork. The standard wait time for local or foreign adoption in America (at the time) was three to five years. This seemed like a life-time of course, but fit nicely into our life-planning as we were in the throes of stripping wall paper and knocking walls in an old building we had purchased earlier that year and were planning on opening our first Restaurant 'Rondo's' later that year. 

Seven years later (ironically) we have seven children in our care. If you look closely you will count nine, but thankfully two of the above were just tagging along for a picnic. 

The same day we finalised all that paperwork we decided to tell our bosses about our 'family plans' and the local newspaper leaked a story about a local chef planning to open up a new restaurant in the Autumn.
We got a phone call on from our social worker that afternoon letting us know there was a little baby girl just five days old and the birth-mother wanted to meet us in person because we seemed like the 'right couple'. I stuck to my 5 year plan and let her know that the restaurant was opening in a few months and it takes 3 years to get a business 'up and running' so we would pass. 

What I did not know at the time is that the Chef had received a similar phone call and had told the social workers we would 'take her' and the rest my dear readers is 'HIStory'.................

Ron lost his job the following week (due to the fact that the media were focusing a lot of coverage/free advertising on our new restaurant and not the one he had been working at)  and within a month we had a little bundle sleeping in a bassinet by the bed. Again, I was stressed over not having at least 'nine months' to get ready for this little surprise. 

So that year we had 'Twins'. He got the restaurant and I got the girl. Of course (as many of your know) we had it all. Including the nursery built into the restaurant and a Granny with eager wings flitting back and forth from Ireland to help ease us into the world of 'child rearing'. 

Although our first-born and the first grandchild (on my side) she has been jolted of her post by two older girls entering into the picture this summer. Fear not, she still rules her roost. Rory is very much the apple of her Daddy's eye and most likely will end up being a vet someday because of her love for animals. I would say she could end up being an animal rights activist too except for the fact that she loves to eat meat! In saying that, she is a bit of a food snob too and can identify most of the ingredients in just about everything the Chef prepares!

Her request for the same birthday cake (every-year) might sound a little boring to many, but to a few of you out there, it sounds only divine. For many years (more than he would ever admit to) the Chef has been making and baking 'Black Magic'. A rich dark chocolate batter cake. The cake soaked in espresso, then chocolate whipped cream in the middle and a smothering of warm chocolate ganache to finish it off. He strayed from the tried and tested version for his girl and stuck on 'PINK Smarties' to jazz it up. Not a crumb left on the plate!

The thing we have noticed the most about our little Rory Belle is that she is growing up fast. She is mad into music and was the happy recipient of a teeny tiny MP3 player that fit snugly into her new iDog. Now, she really is 'TopDog' in the Wanderly-Wise-Wagon when we go on road trips and thankfully we can barely hear the commotion in the back as the Disney tunes and lady Gaga songs are shared with the other rebel rouser's.

These summer months have given us so much to be thankful for. I do not think the Chef and I ever thought we could fill our home with such happy squeals. With a friend of mine from College (Becca) here to help us through a crazy month of kiddies, we have almost reached capacity at the Wise homestead, but for anyone out there thinking about coming to visit, we still have a very comfy pull out couch that has not seen the light of day!

Those are all the WiseWords I have this morning, as we head of to Connemara to a Slow Food Fish BBQ on the beach!



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