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Friday, June 25, 2010

A recap in which came first, the Chicken or the DUCK??

If you have nothing better for doing, you should click on the photo above and view it in a larger window. I know it is not my finest piece when it comes to taking photos . The lighting is not flattering to the mother or child, but it is our first baby.

Just less than a month ago we found 'Broody Betty' at a poultry fair near our home. She is the tiniest little ting, no bigger than a pigeon. BUT this is what her breed is famous for. Broodiness that is. 

All she wants to do is sit on eggs for periods of time and pop out feathery flocks for us to fawn over. We sat her on three eggs. Her being the size of a pigeon we had to be selective. We choose a laying egg duck and 2 Muscovy Duck eggs. We hope to breed meat birds so a succulent duck breast might appear more frequently on the 'Chez Wise plat do jour'. 

I am not going to bore y'all to death with this story. We placed the eggs under our little 'Broody Betty' and lust shy of 23 days later we have our first appearance of a little black baby duckling. He is the cutest little thing and eating like a champ. In true Wisefashion she has not snubbed him for 'being different or in this case not a chick' and has embraced her little 'adopted' baby as one of her own. (yes, I am proud).

Our rowdy Rooster Bart and the Horny Henry the Drake acted out what seemed like a whole episode of a Jerry Springer show earlier today as the new downy duckling joined the feathery flock here in the Wonderful Wise World.

Although I was on the school run picking up my crumb catcher and missed the whole show I assume it went something like this:

Bart the Rowdy Rooster:
Eyeing up his 'new wife' Betty, noticed the new life peeping out from under her fluffed feathers.
He sauntered over all proud and with great posture hoping the world would see what he had produced.

Horny Henry:
Might have heard a peeping that sounded nothing like a new summer chick but more like the squeak of a wee ducky embracing life.

So, Henry and Bart get into it. Henry points out that Bart (being a Rooster) cannot lay claim the the downy duckling because - well, it's a duck. Henry, being the proud Rooster that he is decides to peck the life out of Henry and by the time I arrive I am left holding on to a defenseless drake covered in blood.

It was a massacre. The children were all running around the garden trying to catch the rabbit that had to get away from it all. Henry the Drake refuses to 'let it go' and seems like he wants to fight to the death.

Bart the Rooster is acting submissive now and I believe is just waiting for the paternity test to see if he should push the issue.

I about had a cow this afternoon. I was so so so so so stressed when I saw my blood spattered Drake. I did what most women would do. I called my Mammy. She dropped everything and raced over. (thank you Mum).

She reassured me that the Drake was fine and would recover just fine and she gave our newest little feathery family member plenty of 'ooohing' and 'aaaaahhhing' so I was able to relax for the evening and enjoy the start of what I hope will be a fruitful weekend! Two more eggs should hatch tomorrow!

The Ducks and Hens are sleeping separated tonight and we will try to re-acclimatise the tomorrow in the hopes that they can get over their snit.

Now, all I should have to worry about is convincing my little ducky to take a swim when I know his Mum (a hen) will think he is going to drown.

11:35pm here in Galway, Ireland and we have just seen daylight let go of it's grasp for the day!

Those are all the WiseWords I have for this evening.



Folgensbourg Maddens said...

Its really non-stop in your house - I am starting to feel like 4 kids, a hubby, 3 chickens, 3 ducks and a cat are a feeble effort beside all your activity :o)

Abbie Lynn Samuels said...

Fabulous!!! A truly wise-riffic happenin'. The little Fluff n stuff is soooo cute....and Poor Horny....i don't think i've ever trusted a rooster named Bart! Hope the rabbit doesn't need too much therapy but maybe a few of the olives from your glass will do him just fine. :} Thanks for sharing that was almost as funny as the "WE SHARE EVERYTHING BUT UNDERWEAR" story.

stuckputte said...

What a cute little baby duck!! Congratulations!

WiseMóna said...

Thanks for all the comments!! Mother and Baby are doing well this morning and we are waiting with baited breath for the arrival of the others. Hopefully this weekend sometime!!!

Becca said...

I cannot BELIEVE I missed this! The new arrival looks very cute and comfortable all snuggled in beside Betty :). Next time you should tape the avian version of Jerry Springer...I can see it becoming a viral video on Youttube in no time!

WiseMóna said...

@ Becca - we are keeping them seperated for now. I can't handle the sparring. Can't wait to see more babies!!!

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