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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's talk about sex

I know, I know. It is another WiseFarmYard story. But it is about SEX or at least the sexual habits of my fowl. See, Bart, our rowdy Rooster (above) is going through a bad spell right now. Just over six weeks ago we introduced Broody Betty the Bantam Hen to the flock. She sat for 38 days in a row on the eggs and produced a full and healthy flock. Now that she is done being broody she has decided that she wants nothing to do with our feathered frolicker. 

You may not think this is a big deal, but for Bart, this is a very BIG deal. Although a very dedicated Mother and 'hatcher' Betty lured him into a false sense of reality and now that the kids are here, she has made a few changes to her daily routine and let's just say it is not really going down all that well.

Betty, a full time broody hen sat on her eggs all day. Each evening around supper time, she would get off the eggs for a few minutes. Staying very close to her nest she would literally eat, shit and have a quick shag. End of story. For 38 days in a row Bart was getting some serious action, and that made him a happy guy.

Then all things headed south with the arrival of the first wee downy duckling. Broody Betty was reluctant to get out of the nest at all, due to the fact that there were still two more eggs ready to pop. Bart strutted around ALOT and even beat up Henry the Drake over a paternity squabble (which has thankfully worked itself out) and although I did not watch his every move, I kept the new arrival and Betty under lock and key because I felt uneasy about his mood swings.

Bart went back to dealing with his other feathered females and seemed happy enough. We figured he would just leave Betty alone and let her get on with her very important job of mothering.

The twins hatched almost three weeks ago, without incident. Broody Betty finally could leave the nest and start teaching her little ones how to forage and fly. (Trust me - this is a whole other story by itself).

Bart resumed his position of Rooster-at-large and has done everything in his power to get a leg up on Betty since all the babies are hatched now (I mean what else has she for doing??).

Saying he is quite disgruntled is an understatement. I'll admit that Betty lured him into a false sense of reality and I think that 'start as we mean to go on' is a statement she should have considered before she settled him into a daily routine.  

However, I am a Mum too. I can feel her pain right now. She has just had triplets for God's sake and the last thing she (probably) wants or needs is a sweaty male trying to rape hump her daily. 

Her job (as a very young first-time Mum) is to put the needs of her children first. We all know that the needs of a horny husband has to take a back seat. Bart has to just DEAL WITH IT.

But what does she do if she begins to notice that he has a roving eye. What if those other (childless) hens are start to look a heck of a lot more attractive to him. They have less baggage AND they have time for him. They hang around all day, waiting for him to seek them out for a quick 'Wham-Bam, Thank-You-M'aam. He gets what he wants, When he wants it, and goes back to being the 'Cock of the Walk. 

Broody Betty is surviving. She has settled into the role of motherhood like a pro and has not given Bart a second glance. She does not need him, and she no longer feels that she has to honour his wishes or give in to his bullying demands for sex. Over all she is doing just fine. 

She has made it evident that the welfare of the babies is all that matters right now. She knows that it is impossible to do it all and has decided to place their needs before that of her partner and herself.

When you make your bed, you have to lie in it.

Those are all the WiseWords I have for this evening as I sit fireside (in JULY!) with my hubby,

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent)



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