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Thursday, September 09, 2010

I've got a secret

We all have those moments where all we can do is sit back and ponder where all the time has gone. I am feeling that way alot lately. Mostly because the kids are just slipping away from my grasp more and more. Instead of popping into my bed for a snuggle or a quick snooze in the mornings they are bolting down the stairs and hooking up their iPods to the speakers to 'rock the house' into awakeness.

Also, I have been with my handsome Chef for the best part of FOURTEEN years this month and to be honest, it feels like only yesterday when I caught a glimpse of him for the first time. Speaking softly with his smiling eyes, at the other end of the bar in his denim overalls and long ponytailed hair tucked under a navy blue beret, ' hubba hubba - I'm gonn marry that guy'  I said to myself and so I did!

He wanted nothing to do with me of course. It took me several weeks of coercing and a lot of Irish Coffees to convince him that I was the one for him and I am pretty sure he has finally resigned himself to that idea.

Having spent a lot of our time (and money) traveling before the kids came along, then pouring our life and love into the restaurant before finally ' upping shticks' to move back home to Galway, I can tell you that when I stowed away those suitcases in the attic I became one of those people that really 'loves' home. OK, I still like to get away for a day or two, but the wanderlust has been cured.

So when he decided that we 'had to go somewhere'  to celbrate or ten year wedding anniversary (looming on September 30th for all of you who remember sharing all that food and wine) I had a few mild panic attacks. I tried several great excuses like:

1). We can;t leave ALL THOSE Kids with Mum for a weekend, it is just too much for her to cope with (forgetting that my Mother would do anything for my Husband).

2). We have more than 15 feathery members of our WiseFlock and at least one or two dogs that need caring for too. (Again, Granny offers to stay at our place.....)

3). My passport has expired. (There is an instant 'walk-in-pick-up-a-new-one-office' not too far from home).

By mid-summer he gave up begging and pleading with me and we let sleeping dogs lie. I hate that I have turned into that person considering we never ever as much as made hotel reservations when we traveled as young lovers, we just packed our bags and 'went'.

So what is this big secret then?

Well, I love Paris in the Autumn. Due to the fact that we both love Italy and have spent more time holidaying there than anywhere else (by choice), we have family living in very cool cities accross Europe like Zurich, Switzerland and Alsace, France (slap-bang in the middle of the wine country), the Chef has never made it to Paris.

So armed with my class schedule, my mother's blessing and the hopes that I can convince a few of my BFF's to help relieve my Mum when needed, I took the plunge and have stolen some time the first week of October to take my honey to Paris for some second-honeymooning!

Considering it is just about a month away I am taking a huge risk that he will actually see this on the blog and the surprise will be secret-no-more. Wait, who am I kidding, he does not READ THIS BLOG (or anything on a computer!) so I reckon he will not have a clue about the trip until I drive him to the airport and whisk him away.

I know he is working on his own little secret himself, searching for something I 'want and need' and can't wait to report back to y'all just how much fun a girl can have surprising her hubby and heading of the the city of lovers for a few days in Autumn. 

Those are all the WiseWords I have for today,

(who is estatic to be back in college and have time to WRITE!)


Pama Mitchell said...

Paris is a perfect choice for your anniversary. Last time I was there (alone, as it happened), I stayed on the Ile-St-Louis, always a fantasy of mine. It was marvelous -- magnifique! The island is in the middle of the city so you can walk almost everywhere you would want to go, but because there's no subway stop on the island, it gets quiet and village-like at night. Highly recommended!

WiseMóna said...

Thanks for the hot tip Pama! I will give a full report back on hotel and foodie excursions when we return.

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