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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rosy in the garden

Eh - not really actually. 

You know, writing or blogging can be something that consumes me on a daily basis. Even if I am not sitting at the computer staring at a blank screen the words are rolling around somewhere. 

They might be in my head, they might be on the creases of a pillow case as I iron, they might be stuck behind the lower part of a chid's ear where you have to check because they seem to think it is not necessary to clean that body part. 

The words are always there and it is just a matter of time before I can reel them in, organise them a little and allow them to tell the story. Sometimes, I get in a flither about something (mad at the chef or the kids or ANYONE) and I want to get on the laptop and rant my heart out on the page, but I am 'thinking' horrible thoughts and words so I have to step away from the keyboard and take a walk. Get it out of my system; Sleep on it - even. 

I have been on holidays from college for one week. During that week I have accomplished absolutely nothing (or so I have been told) and seem to have 'running around like a chicken with my head cut off' 
down to a fine art. 

I have came and went. I have fed and cleaned up. I have dropped off and picked up. I have laughed and I have cried. I have fed animals, bathed animals, taken lovely photos of animals, walked my (chunky) little neglected dog, cooked and catered for my very very neglected husband, played with my kids every day (as opposed to chasing after them and discipling them for something) and yet - nothing has been accomplished.

No Christmas cards have been posted (hell not even printed), the laundry pile has reached is maximum peak allowed and the grumbling from my (almost always) tolerant chef has started. 'What have you been doing all day?' 'Do you know how much I can accomplish in six hours at work each day?' 'What are you going to get done today?' These are the questions he hurdles at me whilst complaining over the nice breakfast-in-bed he was eating this morning. 

God, why did I spoil him so? Well, we all know why - he rocks. He is a calm person. And I am not. As a matter of fact, I am the complete opposite of calm. I wake up early every morning (6am - my whole life) and I like to have an hour of reading and coffee drinking before the rest of the house wakes up. Hence the breakfast toting for the chef. 

He is letting me go back to college and fart around for an undetermined amount of years in order to follow my dream of someday becoming a writer and I suppose someday getting a job so he can retire. That is why I honest-to-God feel guilty when he starts nagging me. I feel like I should at least try to straighten up around here. I feel all these things. I am just lacking the serious motivation needed to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Once he goes to work, I start corralling at the kids to get organized, dressed and ready for school. And by corralling the kids I mean 'me screaming and shouting' and them racing around the house like chickens with their heads cut off looking for a shoe or pencil case that is most likely right where it should be - because I am organized, well sort of.

So I see the vicious circle. I see that if I remain quiet and calm then maybe they will too? Maybe if I duct tape my mouth closed and cannot yell and scream at them to get ready, then they will just line up like little ducks in perfect (neatly-dressed-faces-clean) order and they will be all lunches-packed and buckled-in by the time I turn the key in the ignition to take them to school.

Then, when I return home, because I have remained so 'calm' I will just swan in zen-like and tackle all the housework and have it done in FOUR hours before the chef gets home and I have to go pick up the wee ones from school.

And now, while I was waiting for that image above (about enjoying the silence) to upload, I clicked on my Google-homepage to read my daily horoscope:

My HoroscopeAstroSync

Although you are quite competent in how you analyze a project by separating it into manageable components, it's not necessary to make a big deal of what you are doing today. Fulfilling your commitments is important, but don't waste energy telling everyone how you developed your strategy. It's not important for others to know your inner process now; just focus on getting the job done.

Resistance is futile. I cannot help myself. EVEN my horoscope is telling me to 'get the housework done' and quit avoiding it....I bet Ron had something to do with this. That fucker.

Alright lads and lassies, Christmas is all but here. Is everyone else out there all ready with a clean house and every stitch of clothing in their house all washed, dried, ironed, folded and put away?

If you are, then please please please do not by any means comment on that fact. My husband may use it as evidence against me in my next 'excuse' battle.

A bah humbug kind of day, methinks.

Those are all the WiseWords I have for today folks.............freezing but really pretty outside so going out to take some more photos of the birdies!



Folgensbourg Maddens said...

I think you sound perfectly normal. I don't have any words flying round my head..and i have the exact same "avoidance issues". :o)
Christmas cards can wait!!! There'll be another christmas next year.
Luv u. T

WiseMóna said...

Nice to hear Tracy! And if you are anything like me I am sure that you are avoiding all the cleaning you need to get done before the mothership lands :0) love you too!

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