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Friday, August 22, 2008

A few funny shots

Wellies! Life is unimaginable without wellies in Ireland. So, after Ron and I spent an afternoon finding the right pair, Jack and Rory put on a little fashion show for us all. I see a future in Wellie Modeling for them both!
How do you know it is summertime in Ireland??? Easy, the gingerbread people are wearing bathing suits! Needless to say my Mum is having a lot of fun loading the kids up with cookies and all things sweet!
Rush hour traffic. This is a bear to deal with, but for some reason the pace is tolerable.
Now, here we have an enormous slug, slithering down the french windows in Mum's dining room. I sit in this room every morning watching the sunrise and drinking my coffee.....................wait, the sun doesn't really appear and there is NO STARBUCKS IN GALWAY, so it is a little different, but imagine my surprise this morning when I saw this giant slug on the window................the children squealed like little piglets when they saw it and Jack could not wait to get outside and try to feed it to the cats!

That's all the WiseWords for today,


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