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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lovely, Lovely Ireland with a sprinkling of sunshine!

Ron calls it watery sunshine. There are glorious days with not a cloud in the sky but yet you could get rained on! We have learned to tote along our raincoats everywhere we go just in case we get caught. Right now, it is not a huge problem because it is rather warm (17 degrees Celsius!), but I worry about it when November hits and the western Atlantic coastal breeze whips across the land cutting your face with its sharpness. How much will we like it then................??
Here are a few lovely photos to show you that indeed the sun can shine in Ireland and when it does - Que Bella!

The backdrop is Galway Bay. It really was a gorgeous gorgeous day, warm enough to wander around without a jacket or our wellies.

And then we get jolted right back to reality :-)

That is all the WiseWords for today,



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