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Saturday, August 30, 2008

To market, to market, to buy a fat...............Lobster??

One may wonder what on earth is going on when they see a little 3 year old man reach into a lobster tank at a fish market and choose his own lobster. We got a few strange looks earlier today when Jack decided that he was going to choose his dinner, and lo and behold, he dipped his paw right into the tank to grab a nice one. The fishmongers were a little frantic but let him show one of the other children that this was a Mamma lobster as she had a belly full of eggs. And to think that exactly this time last year I was chasing him around the kitchen at Rondo's with a live lobster because he was terrified of them :-)
A little bit of history for our readers..............the photo above is of the general market area. This is the market we go to on Saturday mornings and it is open rain or shine all year round. The church in the background is called St. Nicholas Collegiate Church is one of the oldest parish churches in Ireland. It has been a place of worship since the 14th Century
In common with many medieval ports, Galway dedicated its church to the patron saint of sailors. According to recent research, Christopher Columbus visited St. Nicholas' in 1477.
Today, St. Nicholas' is still at the heart of the city's activities.

As it is Saturday I will now bore you with what is on the menu tonight. Ron and I are stuck in a rut and have been eating the same thing for 3 weeks in a row (so like me, so UNLIKE him). First, we start off with a belly full of fresh oysters. Then followed by an enormous bowlful of clams & mussels drowned in his lovely garlic and tomato sauce. A loaf of very crusty bread to shlug up the sauce with and all washed down with an ice cold glass of buttermilk...............ha ha, OK sorry with our new favourite summer drink............Jane, if you are reading this, I expect some tears...........................Bulmers on ice. Mmmmmmmm. For reservations at this fine establishment, please feel free to book your ticket!

That is all the WiseWords for today,



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