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Monday, September 01, 2008

Cry me a river..............where did the last 5 years go?

Most of you have to be feeling my pain.
I know this happens to everyone. I expect that these tears will stop falling. I know that she will be around for the next 13 years at least before she goes to college. When I look at this photo above of little Rory Belle in her gorgeous uniform I cry. I cannot believe that this time we have had with her is gone and now she turns her back on us and is racing at breakneck speed out the door to join her brand new friends in her brand new school.

Aunt Cathyann came up from Limerick on Friday to take both children shopping for their last minute necessary school items. Rory still needed a backpack for her schoolbooks and Jack needed a SECOND pair of wellies to leave at his pre-school.
He himself is quite annoyed that he does not get an ever so cute uniform and has stressed this only a thousand times. Patience dear lad, Patience. In less than a year, you too will be backpacking out the door, wrenching yourself away from your mothers arms with glee as you join your fellow classmates.
That is all the (tearful) WiseWords for today,



erica watson said...

how adorable...i am so sad i am not around to see all of this stuff in person. every time i see the kids they will be so different :( i can't believe you've been gone less than a year, it feels like five!

Steve Martin said...

I just can't believe she's gotten so big. Rory's started school, and she lost a tooth? Doesn't seem possible she's old enough for that yet.

I agree with Erica. Feels like you've been gone much longer than 1 year.

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