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Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Swan

They say that Swans mate for life. Unless of course there is a failed nesting experience which could end up in 'Swan Divorce'. I am sure it is very similar to us humans. They meet, fall in love, pledge eternal life together then plan a family. They go through some hard times trying to breed and after facing such huge fertility issues and the emotional physical pain of 'loosing what you never had' call it quits in the hopes that they still have time to find another soul mate.

It is so different for the lucky ones like Ron & I. I think we are like the Swans. We have mated for life. We never really attempted to breed, so saved ourselves from the stress, struggle & strain (financial and emotional) of dealing with infertility.
We have had our share of hardships and tough times but I am thankful every day when I look at our 2 rugrats that we chose to grow our family by way of adoption.
These beautiful birds showed up this evening when we were out feeding the ducks. It could have been their graceful presence, they way they gently ate out of the children's hands, or they way they sashayed away together in to the setting sun. Everyone is so frantic these days with this recession, the banks, the credit crises. I just felt so darn lucky - in love with my swan and 2 gorgeous cygnets.

Enough WiseWords for today,


PS - that really is the setting sun in Galway this evening :-)


Eric said...

Just beautiful...

Hmm, tried to be a swan...stuck being the duckling...oh well.

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