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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Salt Anyone??

Here is what I am reading right now!

This book was given to us by our dearest friend Christine Smart several years ago. Ron read it immediately and mentioned it was a heavy read but still a decent page turner. For whatever reason it never made it to my night stand. Well, that was then! Now it is actually toted along in my backpack with me and is proving quite an interesting read.

OK, now here is where you fall asleep if not interested, or really perk up if curious!
This book tells the story of salt. You will encounter engineering, religion, and food, all of which the author (Kurlansky) really gets into. Salt's ability to preserve and to sustain life has made it a metaphorical symbol in all religions. Just as significantly, salt has shaped the history of foods like cheese, sauerkraut, olives, and more, and how they have in turn molded civilization and eating habits the world over.

I dug into a box looking for it the other day because as I was out shopping for our favourite brand of table salt (Maldon Salt), I came across a competitor! I hear the gasps of shock and amazement rallying around the globe...................surely, there is no competition with good old Maldon Sea Salt Flakes. We have been using them for more than 12 years now.

Introducing Cerebos. From Croatia (no less) and endorsed by her royal highness herself! So, of course we had to buy a box and in a blindfolded side by side taste test - there was no difference.
The only difference (here in Ireland) was the price. Maldon is available for 3 euros a box at any and all grocery stores across the land. Cerebos, was 89 cents more and is only available at a speciality food store. I guess being endorsed by the Queeen is costly stuff!

In case you do not have one, rush out today and buy a salt pig - perfect home for your Maldon Salt Flakes. We just stumbled upon this one last week at a shop called Options (7 .99 euros), here in Galway. What I like about it is that your whole hand fits in there, unlike the other ones we have had in the past. Try Williams Sonoma in the US.

And of course, a really great way to try out your new tasty treat would be something like this pictured below. Toasted potato cakes, with a drizzle or drowning of butter (all depends on your cholesterol levels right!) then a sprinkling of salt.
I would love to tell you these were as tasty as they looked, but right after I snapped my photo, the two rugrats apparently wasting away to skin and bone grabbed the whole plate and inhaled them. Finger licking good - they said!
That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


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