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Monday, October 06, 2008

Can you hear this? Can you see this? Can you smell this? Can you feel this?

I know most of you are insanely jealous that not only did I steal Chef far away from you all, but now, here I have plopped him right slap in the countryside on the west coast of Ireland. Where he most likely will never stray from ever again.

Things are different here. The Internet, is still not in every ones homes and many of the locals just use dial up because broadband is not available. Can you all imagine life without the Internet?

I have had a break from it over the last few weeks whilst packing up and moving, and imagine my horror when I was told that the line quality in our home was to poor to service us with broadband. I was fit to be tied and shrieked like a banshee at the poor girl from Eircom who was told to phone me with this message.

After freaking out for a few days, my younger brother Kenneth put me in touch with a company called IRISH BROADBAND and they came out today to install a WIRELESS receiver on our rooftop so we could get back to business.

Now, to complete the picture, I thought it only fitting to share with the movie clip above of how I have been spending the last few evenings whilst tapping the keys on my hot little laptop!

We bought our first load of turf (Irish Fuel - look it up) and have not looked back!

That is all the WiseWords I have for tonight,



Anonymous said...

Hello Mona,
I studied in Ireland (UCG)13 years ago and went back on holidays a few times since and each time I have absolutely loved the smell of the turf fire, nothing like it! Lucky you!
Thank you for those wonderful pages on Ireland, especially the West, food and the kids!
Keep it up!

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