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Saturday, November 01, 2008

How much does it cost to feed your family of four?

Last week in one of the Sunday newspapers there was an article on how much people spend on food each day. Whether it is eating in or dining out. The editor gave a challenge to two of his reporters to dine each day on 5 euros per day ($6.35). It had the bones of being a really great story, except the reporters ate a lot of crap or just begged a friend to pay for their dinners. I was quite annoyed to see this story in print, considering it was really just great advertising for the big name fast food places I cannot stand (I know I am on my soap box, bear with me).

Ron and I have decided to take the challenge this week and see how we do, feeding our family of four on less than 20 euros a day for food. (I say less than 20 per day, because after seeing all the food we have ended up buying today, I am thinking it will stretch to 10 days at least, but we shall see if the pickings are slim by day 7).

The photo above is the bounty of goodies we picked up at the weekly Saturday market in Galway.

Some of the very nice things about being regular customers at any market, is that you always get a little extra for your money because the farmers get to know you and they take care of you, NOT TO MENTION with the use of my trusty market basket, I have absolutely NO PACKAGING to worry about disposing of ( I know, carefully removing myself from the soapbox now).

After that, on to the local grocery shop for the rest of our weekly needs. With less than 140 euros spent we will blog daily how it goes and even share a recipe or two if there are any surprisingly delicious dinners out of this brown bagger!

That is all the WiseWords for today,



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