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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Again, it was sunny!!!

Blinding I say, Blinding!
Ron, is seriously considering buying a pair of sunglasses. He broke his favourite pair right before we left Switzerland and he chuckled saying it would not be necessary to replace them as he was going to the land where 'the sun don't shine'. Well, since we arrived over 3 months ago, 80% of the time, the sun has shone. Yes, there may be sun showers or watery sunshine as Ron likes to call it, but nonetheless - the weather is gorgeous here right now.
A trip with the kids to Coole Park to enjoy the colours Autumn is displaying and it is quite spectacular.
The kids love this park. There is not a swing or slide anywhere insight. Nothing but miles of hiking trails and lakes and gorgeous old trees.
A quick walk by the sea before lunch to work up a ferocious appetite. We cut through this beautiful golf course and Ron was itching to get his clubs and play a few rounds.
That is all the WiseWords for today,


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