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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wise WINE Alert!

Bourillon Dorleans
Vouvray 2007

Another lovely wine to share with my fellow foodies. Thankful that Sunday evening was finally here and the kids in bed asleep at 7pm, the Chef & instructed me to pick a nice bottle of wine to have with the yummy pasta dish he was throwing together! I opened the fridge and this was the first bottle I pulled out!

In fairness we do have a love affair with Vouvray. To be honest, neither himself or myself can recall a vouvray that we have had that we did not enjoy a great deal if not love!

This wine set us back 11 euro and it was most definitely worth every cent. It is crisp, it is clean, it is very very refreshing. There is a slight hint of pear and at first sip I was afraid it may be a little too much with our pasta dish, BUT the chef had added a little heat to the dish and all was perfect!

So, I would definitely look for this one. At this price, I can imagine this would be a welcome Christmas present for anyone I know!

That is all the WiseWine Words I have for today,



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