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Monday, November 24, 2008

Wise Movie Review

Quantam of Solace
Daniel Craig

There really is not much good to say about this movie except for the fact that we do get to see the half naked body of the lovely Daniel Craig.

I am not a 007 fan. I never have been. I tolerated watching them when Sean Connery was the man, and I did only because I had a major crush on him (and really girls, what is not to love?)

His car was not a fancy one, it was more like an antique mini. He did have a phone that had Internet access (w0w) but the Chef swears that the gadgets were never a big attraction to the male viewers (says the man that still has not managed to figure out how to send an email!!!)

There was one redeeming factor about this movie (OK, this is the 2nd redeeming factor as we have already covered Daniel Craig's half naked body) and that was the fact that this movie was not a bond movie! It was just a mainstream movie, with a bunch of killing, fighting, car chasing etc. testosterone filled, boring, no real plot or story line to worry about. Dame Judy Dench (and I do like her) was also in the movie and played Jame's boss but really, it was just not worth watching.

My recommendation is this. Arrange for a boys night in for them to watch this drivel, whilst you go out with your girlfriends and enjoy yourself!

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