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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How much does Granny really care?

There are a million reasons to love living in Ireland. For us, one that tops the list daily is that we have the freedom to stop in to Granny's house any time we want! Of course, it is always nice to show up with some treats and hope a cup of tea will be offered! After going to the market last Saturday morning, we stopped at one of our favourite bakery's 'The Gourmet Tart' to pick up some bread and a few goodies.
Catherine loves Meringue, so we got her a lovely one with fresh cream and strawberries and a nice fat chocolate eclair for the crumb catchers. Needless to say, they inhaled theirs and then Jack (being Jack) asked if Granny would like to share hers with him. Her fault for eating so slowly! After her agreeing to this request (as only a good Granny would) Jack reminded her that 'Sharing is Caring' and we all wondered just how much Granny really did care???

Ahem, this really does not depict the truth which is that Granny barely got a sliver of her own treat as she happily gave it to the children who apparently are just skin and bone, BUT that one little bite sure was delicious!

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


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