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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Proud Parents!

Well, the all important parent teacher meeting arrived today for Ms. Rory Belle! She did confess to me this morning that her teacher may not have the best of things to say about her and that she 'chats ' with the others at her table. BUT she swears it is them not her!!!

So, we deposited the terrible two at Granny's for a few hours and spent a 1/2 hour with the lovely and very patient Ms. Gannon, Rory's teacher.

OH JOY! She is so SMART!!!! Yes, I know I am bragging but I cannot help it. I am shocked at my shameful outburst of sheer unabashed pride for our little girl.

But here is the really really cool thing considering we cannot take credit genetically we have to assume that a lot of her smartness may have developed from her 'environment' ??

Ms. Rory Belle is an exemplary student. She has surpassed her teachers expectations in every category (art, mathematics, language, social, science etc). She showed us some of her work and we were both so happy to have a peek into her studious little world.

She is an overly confident child who can hold a conversation with any of the teachers in the school, but also adjusts and fits right in with her peers. She has made quite a few friends and is rather popular but also plays well enough on her own.

She is quite competitive and does not like to loose (gets this from Ron) and she also is has an
'amazing' vocabulary which she is not shy about using. Ok, so this means she is a bit of a talker (I know she gets this from me) and yes, it has caused a little bit of disruption in class, but Rory is working on keeping her table quiet so she can prove to Ms. Gannon that it is 'not her ' !

You gotta admire the kid!

Proud Momma signing off for now,



Anonymous said...

I read your blog very regularly and always find it refreshing.
I love the photo of your daughter in her uniform, she sure seems to be enjoying herself! I'm a proud mum too so I understand your post!
Say, what about this poem you promised to share???

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