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Friday, December 05, 2008

Turkey Day cometh!

Our Christmas dinner typically consisted of a goose or duck in addition to a great big turkey from our neighbors. As Catherine is fully in charge of Christmas Dinner this year (yeah!) she has informed us we will be having duck. This makes me quite happy as both the Chef and I LOVE duck and have been lucky enough to find a nice lady that feeds and fattens plump little duckies for Christmas!

HOWEVER, I think that a lot of Irish people will be dining on good old fashioned roast turkey for Christmas. At the market this morning I bumped into some feathered friends who live locally and have free range of the farm they live on. So, not living a truly organic lifestyle (their diet) but a decent quality of life.

They were on 'Sale Display' and all you had to do was sign up if you wanted one for the tune of € 65.00 !!!! (that is almost $85 for a 14 pound turkey!!!!!)

Now, I know we are living on a tight budget these days and I am very lucky to have my personal Chef do all the shopping so I do not get too exposed to price gouging - but COME ON!!

We were spoiled rotten when living in the US because the cost of food was so low (compared to the Emerald Isle or Switzerland). I remember spending, at the very most $25 - $30 for an Organic turkey (fresh and local).

When I called the American Embassy a few weeks ago to see how other American family's sourced their turkeys for Thanksgiving (fresh only available at Christmas here) I was informed that they actually flew their own US birds across the pond to feed all the hungry American families who are far away from home!

Initially, I was kind of annoyed that with all the local (and great) producers/farmers they should put a little thought into buying locally but I gotta tell you at this price, you could probably fly a few turkeys to Ireland!

Ok, I have said my piece. Duck for Christmas!

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


Ps - the Chef felt it was important to note here that we did indeed have a 12 lb turkey for Thanksgiving. It was FRENCH and FROZEN for €10.99. Ok, not supporting my Buy Irish/local motto, but doing our part to support the EU!


Anonymous said...

In France, the price of "chapon" is going through the roof, so I think we'll have turkey which is not as expensive!!!

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