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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sestina D' Wise

Remember a few weeks ago I was working on this style of poetry called a Sestina?

Quick reminder - pick six words, create a poem (6 stanzas, 6 lines in each stanza) finishing each line with one of your chosen words and then finish your poem with the Envoi - 3 lines and using all 6 words. I picked very easy words - Man, Girl, Wise, Me, Him, Child.

It gets tricky and I struggled with it (partly due to the content too) but I got through it and have been nicely reminded that I promised to share it - so here you go! The theme is family love.

Oh, and one last thing...............I am not a poet, I have never claimed to be a poet and I have such great respect and admiration for ANY poets out there because it is the HARDEST bloody thing to write!

Sestina d’Wise

It’s been several years since that man
Fell in love with his wild Irish girl
And although everyone thought him very wise
It took a long time to convince me.
After years of sharing a life with him
The ice slowly melted as we both wanted a child

Years passed, several tries, still no child
Life and love was unkind towards this man
I had grown to love him
And he adored his lovely Irish girl
It was then the sadness smothered me
And I knew that our decisions had to be wise

So what to do now Mr. Wise
And how do you plan to bestow a child
Upon this girl you choose to wed – me
And show me that you are a man
I cried so hard, like a childish girl
I knew that my words were slicing through him

I ached with the pain I had caused him
My decisions were hasty, not wise
I wanted him to love his wild Irish girl
But knew that I was destined to have a child
I broke the heart of my first and my only love, My man.
The only way for him to heal, was without me.

The pain, the torture, the tears within me
The strength, the stability, the love from him
All gone. I was too foolish to see how great of a man
I had found, fallen in love with only to become Mrs. Wise
Surely this pain would subside if I only had a child?
Silly, Stupid, Selfish, insufferable Irish girl.

His heart ached for his wild Irish girl
He always wondered ‘Why did she love me?
When she knew all those years ago I could not give her a child’.
He pined for her daily, if only she would have not fallen out of love with him
She was too hasty,’why not wait?’, it would have been wise
To see how much he loved her, he would have shown the real strength of her man

This Man truly loved his Irish girl
He made Wise decisions and fought for me
A promise from Him, was a child.

© 2008 MGW


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the sestina, you sure put your heart in it! Bravo!

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