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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wise WINE Alert!

Tor di Vento



Yes, I am a sucker for the label. I am fortunate that I never really have to worry about buying a good or bad bottle of Wine. Ron usually wants to shop for the hooch and I do not mind. However, in saying that, I have learned quite a bit about wine over the last few years as his understudy!

I fell pray to a pretty label a few weeks ago when grocery shopping and thought, hey, it is Italian, and a 2004 Barolo! How could I go wrong. I remembered our Wine guide in Barolo this past summer telling us that from 1995 to 2004 (with the exception of the dastardly 2002 vintage) all vintages were Great if not Exceptional.

So, we popped this one open a few nights ago thinking it would make a great accompaniment to the eggplant lasagna Ron had thrown together ( I know you are jealous).

We sipped and savoured this wine (before dinner) and it was divine. It was the perfect temperature as I had pulled it from Siberia (our back kitchen where we store the wine) a few hours before we drank it.

It was so darn good, we drank it without food! Dinner followed later with a nice bottle of water!
(school night).

This little gem was priced at € 11.95. What a steal, I say!

That is all the WiseWineWords I have for today,



Heather B said...

I am a sucker for wine labels as well so your not alone :)

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