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Friday, January 02, 2009

Oh Chef, How do I love thee, let me count the ways!

Our first dinner of the New Year, was a Suckling Duckling that we had bought at the local farmers market. Granny came over for dinner and after we got the kids tucked into their beds for the night, we devoured the tasty duck washed down with my new favourite house red Al Mouvedre, Tinto Joven (2004). (remember, that was the one that tasted like a baby Amarone - yummy!)
There were potatoes roasted in duck fat, carrot and parsnip puree (my favourite) and of course the old standby of brussel sprouts!

Ron had made a beautiful pavlova for dessert which he and Granny put a serious dent into.
But, the object of this post (as the title may imply) is how I started my day today. I awoke to the usual noises of the kids thumping down the stairs and fell right back to sleep until almost 11am!! OK, for those of you that are sitting there in MAJOR DISBELIEF - I really did sleep that late.
When I came downstairs, I stopped into my new office to turn on my space heater only to be greeted with a blazing hot fire in my fireplace. The Chef followed me in to my office, with a tray of piping hot coffee, and the best breakfast ever!!!
Fried Duck & Potato hash with a perfectly poached egg ontop! Oh, GOD! It was so tasty & delicious I did not want that last forkful to end. What a start to my day. I am getting the feeling that the year is off to a happier start for the Wise Family..................what a relief!
That is all the WiseWords I have for today (as I wipe the duck fat of my face)


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