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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

We shall call her Pearl!

Those of you that have known us for many years know it took us along time to give our first born a name, and when we finally did, Ms. Rory Belle was not liked (her name) by several of my family members. Needless to say they changed their tune as soon as they met her!

I felt like we were entering the same kind of hell over naming this gorgeous pup, but thankfully, Rory herself has put a stop to it by naming 'her' dog!
"We already know a dog named Pearl and it could get confusing if they ever meet" was the argument the Chef presented a few days ago. "Let's call her 'Keris' after one of the characters in the book he is reading right now World Without End by Ken Follett.
Rory agreed to 'sleep on it' a practised custom in the Wise household and the next morning firmly announced that she was willing to take her chances that with the other Pearl living over 3,000 + mile away there was a good chance they may never meet! She would call her puppy 'Pearl' as intended because 'Daddy wants to call her 'chaos' and that is a silly name for a puppy!'

Shortly after she made her little 'name' announcement and made sure everyone knew this was the only option, she shared with us another revelation that she had just had!
"Mum, now there are 3 girls, and only 2 boys, so there are more girls than boys in our family''.
Be still my beating heart..................
For most mothers out there that have had the joy of giving birth (alas I am not one of you) I am sure you would have a joyous moment of pride knowing your child was truly the fruit of your loins.
I have to tell you - this girls all mine!! Not only (at the ripe old age of 5) was she brazen enough to take ownership of the naming situation, she decided it would be OK to rub their (the boys)noses in the fact that we (the girls) now have more seats in the house!
That's my girl!
That is all the WiseWords I have for today,
(loving the majority!)


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