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Monday, January 05, 2009

The Clatter of Forks & Spoons by Richard Corrigan

This is what is on the night stand right now. It is a lovely read. It is one of those cookbooks that have several stories behind the recipes and a lot of history of Irish and English Food Culture and the pending Food Revolution that is supposedly going to take over Ireland (The Green Food island??) any day now.

This was in a stocking hung carefully by the fire for yours truly, but methinks the Chef will be the one taking full advantage of these pages as I still have no skills in the kitchen and not much intention of improving! However, it should be known I am a dab hand as the dish or pantry bitch and make a mean Wise Cocktail! (anyone care to recall the ingredients??)

I am certain there were one or 2 things about this book that attracted the Chef to it. Firstly, it has a very lovely cover. A very simple photo of forks and spoons and an understated backdrop.

The reason he felt sure I would love it, is that it is linen bound the old fashioned way, hardback and printed on that old very heavy silk touch paper. God, I was mesmerised when I picked it up and started to fondle the pages. I do love the book itself. It smells of old book, it feels lovely to the touch. Hey, some people like this, I am one of them!

The recipes are sure to be tasty and I will make reference to them as I blog about what we eat!

That is all the WiseWords for today,



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