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Friday, January 16, 2009

Wise WINE Alert!

Villa Recougne
White Bordeaux, 2007

I know it is only mid January and here I am dreaming of the warm sunny days with nothing more to look forward to than a lazy afternoon at the beach with a nice book and a bottle of lovely wine to share with the Chef.

This is another of our favourites and judging by the price you can see why! It is one of those relatively cheap easy drinkers. With or without food!

We shared this with some friends a few nights ago and the Chef had prepared a platter of sauteed shrimp (loads of garlic and crushed chilies) and lightly grilled veggies and we drank way too much! Well, I am keeping with my New Years Resolution!

Everyone always says that you need to drink white wines when having fish, chicken etc. but I never follow that rule. I like to drink what ever tastes good. Look for it, stock up on it and enjoy every tasty drop.

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,



eric h said...

Haha, the skyline can you so prominently display reminded roommate was just in Louisville KY at Xmas and brought back like a half dozen cans. When I was in Ohio at Thanksgiving one of my reqired stops was skyline for a 4-way and a couple chili cheese sandwich - so gross yet so good!!

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