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Monday, February 09, 2009

How do you like your Oysters?

Naked - is the preferred way around Galway. A little drop of lemon juice for some, but mostly just naked right out of the sea. We are the luckiest people on the planet because we live beside a guy who is part of an 'Oyster Farming Co-Op' and every week he drops us of a few dozen oysters and a few pounds of mussels. On any given day, my favourite way to slurp these savoury beasts (and they are quite plump) is with a little red wine & shallot vinaigrette. The Chef prefers a dash or two of Tabasco and a splash of lemon juice.

However, our kids have their very own favourite way to eat the oysters and I think you all should take a minute to try this, because it is really delicious! Even the neighbours are hooked!

First - go out and buy some 'Franks - RedHot' original hotsauce. Get the big one - because it is such a versatile ingredient, you will become slightly addicted to this and find yourself using it in ways you would never imagine!
Next - open about a dozen oysters (more if you are entertaining) and put them in a large mixing bowl. Strain off the Oyster juices, then pour in a cup or 2 of the hot sauce. Leave them sit for about a half an hour. Turn on your fryer. Next, get a ziplock baggie (large size) and pour in a decent amount of cornmeal & flour (equal parts).
Pick up the oysters one by one (and be gentle with these tasty treats) and smother them in this breadcrumb mix. Lay on a plate (slightly dusted with flour). After you have them all breaded
drop them slowly into the fryer for less than one and a half minutes. They cook very fast.
Dump them out onto a bed of lovely rocket or watercress and garnish with a little bit of sliced lemon. Ron likes to make a horseradish mayonnaise ketchup sauce to dunk them in.
The absolute best way to finish of this yummy snack is to down it all with a lovely cold pint. The kids would love to get their paws on this too - but we draw the line, we have shared the oysters!!!

Happy dining,
That is all the WiseWords I have for today,



eric said...

Mmmmm- oysters. Hot sauce and a lil me some oyster shooters. I hope your neighbor is still sharing come April ;-p

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