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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

And so it grows! Ms. Rory Belle was waiting with baited breath this afternoon because she knew that the 'Tractor' was coming. The Chef and I had asked one of our friends to stop by with a few loads of horse manure for our co-op garden that we have started on our street.

Patrick (who is Jacks schoolmate Eamon's Dad) is a horse breeder/farmer, and has donated his organic horse manure to our school garden project in addition to our neighborhood garden project.
Both of the children were given the chance to drive the tractor (which made me a little nervous) and then like true little paddy's they donned their wellies and to help shovel the shit - that is where I had to draw the line. I am one of those mothers that tolerates most of the dirt they track into the house but no thanks on the horse doo doo!

So now the manure is here, they guys will be tilling it under tomorrow and then planting the seeds (indoor) this weekend! The growing season starts much earlier here, so we expect to get some veggies in the ground by St. Patricks Day!

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,



bb said...

Interesting that the garden season begins earlier than here. We planted a garden last year in June and it lasted to late September. My favorites are tomatoes and peppers.

WiseMóna said...

No tomatoes here unless in a hothouse :-(. Peppers grow - but never turn - they stay GREEN!!

eric said...

Our garden season never just choose different veggies. I love having farmers markets every weekend all year long. Our own winter garden experiment failed. We believe that the high walls around our compound disallowed the minimal sunlight into the garden area. Though the herbs and leafy veggies do okay in the partial sunlight conditions.

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