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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Clean Boots


By Móna Wise

He asked me to clean his boots today
I wore them you see, clam picking the other day.
Normally I would wear my own trusty soles
But the pup chewed a hole, so I double socked it and rolled.

His boots are so big, and much tougher than mine.
They almost got stuck in the sand, which was fine.
If it weren't for the weather being so miserable and cold
I’d rather be clamming, bare naked & bold!

The fact that he asked me to ‘Please clean my boots!’
Made me want to shred them, and hide them like loot!
But after he left, taking two brats in tow,
I noticed on my whiteboard this note he bestowed.

It said “Honey, I love you, you know that I do.
Enjoy a few hours of quiet, whilst we play at the Zoo!
The boots, they can wait until our late return,
Sit down & relax. Daydream, doodle or churn
all those great ideas for stories to tell –
in the hopes that someday a book you might sell!”

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


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