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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Lovely Lobster - Yummy!

As you all know - I am the luckiest girl alive! The reason that you know this, is because I remind you of this on a very regular basis. The chef arrived home from work early yesterday giving us reason to start our weekend a little earlier than normal - and for me that is always a nice surprise! He was not in the door 2 minutes (just enough time to crack open a bottle of Sam Adams) when our neighbour Eddie (or the Oyster Man as we have affectionately nicknamed him) stopped over to see if we wanted to come over for dinner.....................??

Eddie has connections! He had just gotten back from a motorcycle ride out to Inverin, Connemara to meet a guy and fill up his backpack with some freshly caught lobsters and several pounds of scallops (in the shell). His lovely Wife - Teresa had thrown together a huge spring salad and it was "Hello Weekend!" Ron mixed up a few different spices to make his own blackening seasoning for some of the scallops and showed Eddie how to 'sear and sauce' the slippery sea gems.
Eddie knows a guy, who knows a guy etc. out in Connemara, and it was a quick exchange - they met at a petrol station, the fisherman loaded all he could fit into Eddies backpack, and he about turned heading home. A 3 hour ride round trip - and happy bellies were had by all.

The only complaint I had late last night, was that both of my children had the audacity to complain about there not being enough lobster!!!!

Spoiled brats, I say - feed them macaroni & cheese!

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,



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