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Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy Curls

Sometimes my curls are just good as gold
They flip and they flop and are not so bold.
Sometimes they frizz and they get out of hand
Squiggle and squirm, Wild - strand by strand!

I wake every morning and I never know
if my curls will behave today or be thick like dough!
Mum says I am lucky to have such a crop
But there are days when I’d rather be wearing a MOP!

No matter what happens it’s always the same
She sits me down, to help tame this mane.
Carefully combing to untangle the mess
Softly and lovingly stroking each tress.

I know I am lucky, to have this head of curls
I know it is better than any fine strand of pearls.
But most importantly, what I really do know
is that with each stroke of the hairbrush Mum’s love for me glows.

She has sat me in front of her mirror so grand
since I was wearing nappies and not able to stand.
So I will keep this crazy and unruly mop
Because I know that Mum’s love for me never will stop!

These curls have taken on a life of their own and get ample attention on a daily basis (not just from her family, but her growing fan club at school too!).
That is all the WiseWords I have for today!



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