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Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Henrietta and Grace!

After a few months of listening to the children begging and pleading for their own chickens, we finally broke down and caved in to the whining. I suppose I should be thankful that they just asked for chickens. They do not realise (yet) that most of the neighbor kids also have horses!!!
After I picked up Rory & Jack from school today we made the trek out passed Athenry to a place where my Mum has been sourcing her hens for years. The Hen Lady - Maureen Martin gave us a tour of the lovely farm and after we picked out our favourite 2 hens, she showed the children her baby ducks! It killed Rory to leave those babies behind.......................I foresee a trip back to her farm within a month after the hens have acclimatised to the Wise Family.

Pearl of course gave them a hearty welcome - her barking and chasing, them running and squawking!
And now a moment of silence for me to ponder just how exactly did we end up here, today, with hens in our coop, out in the back garden. Growing up, we always had hens and ducks (for as far backs as I can remember). I had moved so far away from that life and had no need for it (except the memory occasionally) and now - today I find I am not only living it, I am loving it!
The children today had more fun than any toy store excursion would bring, and as I sit here typing this piece, I can see them out in the field playing with their new friends.
It is a lovely life, aren't we the lucky ducks!
That is all the WiseWords I have for today
(says she scraping the hen poop from her sandals and realising we have encountered a whole new level of dirt to deal with!!!)


eric said...

Thats so awesome!! Can't wait to see them!!

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