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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Morning Moon

My Moon
by Móna Wise

Good morning glorious Moon
It’s nice to see you shine so bright.
But did you know with dawn a glow
that it’s no longer night?

The hues of pink and baby blue
over misty grass below,
should tell you that your friend the Sun
has just begun to glow.

Your belly’s fat and heavy now
Your work here has been done.
It’s time for you head back East
and leave work here for the Sun.

But when the Sun grows weary and
burns all around her as she sets,
I’ll look for you in skies above
just like the climbing jets.

And when you climb up so high
to light the evening skies,
We relish in your night time glow,
and marvel at your size.

So off you go, leave us to play
in warmth with raging sun.
Return tonight, with liquid light
when our day is wearily done.

I saw the moon in the early morning sky this Easter morning and thought it was worth sharing!
Happy Easter to you all,
That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


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