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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Men and their BALLS!

He did not bring his clubs when we relocated back home to Ireland. He likes to play, but has never really invested a lot of time or money in the game and my handsome Chef figures as he ages gracefully on this Emerald Isle that if he gets back into the game - what better place to do so, as the island is littered with men in funny pants!

HOWEVER - this morning I was nudged out of my slumber by my handsome Chef telling me that he would 'take his coffee in the sitting room this morning' as opposed to me carting it upstairs to him in bed..............................admittedly, I have him spoiled. Stop it! He deserves it :-)

So, I assumed that the reason he was getting up early was to go for a walk as it was just gorgeous outside. Relishing the silence of early morning in our house we sat watching a gorgeous sunrise and soaked in the warmth of it on our faces as the heat and aroma of the coffee livened our senses.

THEN his true colours showed and my morning bubble was burst! He had taped/TiVo'd the 2009 Masters Golf Tournament and wanted to watch it before going to work! (normally the Chef is off on the weekends but 2 of the guys that work for him are going home to Bolivia for 2 weeks so he has to go in and bake the lovely brown bread!).

So, here I sit alone at my laptop listening to the daily introduction by Harry Connick Jnr. but that is not enough for me to raise my eyelids and glance at the hated box in the corner. The Chef is in the zone!

I am widowed for as long as this tournament goes on. I know I will have to endure hours of conversation (very one sided with him talking and me qualifying for a BAFTA with the interest I show, throwing in an occassional nod, smile and even force a laugh) over the next week (does it last longer than a week????) and act somewhat interested because my Chef truly enjoys every last ball of this show.

That is all the Wise Widowed Words I have for today,



eric said...

Never fear - I loathe golf (exception made for miniature golf tho) and I would much rather converse with you and the kids.

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