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Friday, April 10, 2009

Wise WINE Alert!

Magna del Brujo
from the Calatayud region of Spain!

Sorry the label looks like hell - but that was the best one I could find out there on the World Wide Web :-)

I went off into town looking for a nice bottle of wine to have this evening with the Chef and forgot - it is against the law for any public houses or off license's to sell alcohol today - Good Friday.

So, I had to consult my little wine stash at home and was tickled pink to find this gem. I had picked it up around Christmas time and had forgotten about it!

Initially, I was thinking a Pinot Noir would have fitted the bill for dinner tonight, and this is in the same shape bottle - which is why I grabbed it off the shelf.

HOWEVER, it is no Pinot Noir!

Here is the concoction we were drinking tonight:

Garnacha Viñas Viejas 65%
Shiraz 15%
Tempranillio 15%
and my personal favourite
Manzuelo & Monastrell 5%

Ok - so it is not my favourite, I have never heard of these grapes! BUT, the others all blended together alone would have made a damn fine wine, so I can only imagine that the addition of the latter made this choice exceptional.

Some vaguely interesting information - the Wine has been aged for 5 months in French and American oak. It was 'bloody purple' when we poured it into our glasses at the dinner table and I knew it would be yummy based on colour alone. (I know, I have drank way toooooo much red wine to know this information!).

Think smoky, black cherry, blueberry, and a little vanilla. All this with the first whiff followed by a full-jammy bodied, ripe, intensely flavored wine with excellent depth, balance, and length.
Although this will live for many years in your wine cellar (I swear until at least 2018 or 2020)it is lovely to find a delicious and affordable (EUR 15.00) wine at our disposal!

OH - think MEAT when you have this with dinner! Big RED mooing steak, grilled pork chops, lucious lamb chops........................even good old Spaghetti and meatballs. For anyone that wants a good cry in their soup - we had the infamous Rondo Burger with ours and we enjoying a mild food coma for the rest of the evening!

Bottoms up!

That is all the WiseWords I have for today,



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