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Thursday, April 30, 2009

A quick recap..........................

Life has calmed down a little around here and returned to normal (whatever that is) since our dear friend Eric returned home to Los Angeles. For some wonderful and unknown reason, Eric experienced something that most tourists in Ireland have never had the pleasure of seeing. Six out of the eight days he was here we had totally gorgeous sunny weather. He may have went home with a tan!
He has now become quite the expert when it comes to what a 'perfect pint of Guinness' should taste like and is hopefully doing OK with his liver detox this week!

We did quite a bit of tooling around whilst he was here and saw plenty of lovely homes and even a spied a few fixer uppers (like above) that started the Chef and I thinking about finally starting to 'look' for our permanent home. There are so many decisions out there to be made, like buy a field and build a straw bale Eco friendly sustainable home (look it up - very cool) from scratch, or buy an old ruin like above and renovate to suit. I could go either way.

Thankfully, there is no shortage of great beers around this little island, and whilst Eric was here we did our best to make sure he was only eating and drinking local food/beer/whisky/water, but every so often our good friend Chimay made an appearance for old times sake bringing us back to our days in the US when we used to meet Eric at a local pub called The Comet to drink same said beer and eat the best chicken quesadillas we have ever had. (did I mention there is NO MEXICAN FOOD/SPICES in IRELAND!!!!!)

Before he left, we even took him oyster gathering by the shore. It was the last month to gather the slippery suckers - as we do not eat them MAY - SEPTEMBER, so tonight the chef and I are having a banquet of oysters and a lovely bottle of white Bordeaux that I have been keeping my eye on for a few weeks now.

It is so nice when friends come to visit. It feels like we are right back in Rondo's running around taking care of our friends, family and customers. Except, this way - we are able to sit down and enjoy the evening with them!!!
Life is good,
That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


Eric said...

I had a lovely time too! Working on that lack of Mexican staples - who knows what might happen?!? XOXO

WiseMóna said...

Oh - your loving comment on Facebook 'Happy Cinco de Mayo' just hurt soooooo much. Seriously, Ron had to make salsal last night just to get me out of my lack of mexican grub funk :-)

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