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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Opening the door and carefully stepping out of the closet!

I was the first awake this morning with a lot on my mind. I went for a walk with the puppy and soaked in the morning sun. Then it started lashing rain and I got completely soaked by the time I managed to get back to the car. I am still shivering evening though warmed from the black liquid now coursing though my veins.

I have decided to come clean and tell it like it is. I am coming out of the closet. The literary closet - that is.
Hello, My name is Móna Wise and I, am a writer. I may even be a bit of a poet. I feel that I have been hiding for long enough and one of the hardest things to do is self promote or literally step out. I will be the first to admit that since coming home to Ireland I have been tortured and torn with my need to write (about any and every topic) and it has all started to snowball away from me.
Surrounded by the works of such literary greats like Johnathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, John Millington Synge, WB Yeats, Sean O'Casey, Samuel Beckett, James Joyce, Seamus Heaney, Maeve Binchy..................the list is way too long to keep going but you catch my drift, it has been relatively easy to becoming immersed in the literary world here in my home town.

After taking a few creative writing classes I have put a lot of different ideas out there on the table as far as things I would like to do or things I should be doing right now. I would like to daydream, read and write for the rest of my days but should be out looking for a job to help support our family (as was part of the plan).
Needless to say the Chef has been ever so patient with my undecidedness and has given me all the time that I need to see where I end up. So, with all that said - I have decided to go back to school and earn a degree in Creative Writing with the hopes of someday following in both my parents footsteps and becoming a teacher.
I have already completed the Mature Students application test and have submitted my portfolio. Now, all I have to do is hurry up and wait until July to see if I get accepted in the course I want. Only 2 places available to mature students as the classes are teeny tiny (15 students in total). Wouldn't you know that the year I make this decision would be a record year for mature student applicants due to the recession and rate of unemployment etc.

In the meantime, I am making my 'late' but hopefully 'great' debut today at 3pm at the Róisin Dubh (pub in Galway) at the Cúirt (Irish Poetry Festival) where I have to stand up in front of a load of people and recite a poem that I submitted. I am shocked and thrilled that I was chosen but completely terrified because I am not a great orator nor do I particularly like stepping out in front of a bunch of people to pedal my wares. (unless I am behind a bar and encouraging you to try my latest and greatest martini!)

Jack told me last night not to worry about a thing because he and Rory will be there to give me a 'hula buss' really it is a Bula Buss - that is the Irish word for applause. So, If that is what I have on offer, it is enough to drag my butt out on stage and read aloud one of my favourite poems (and both my sisters favourite too). Think of me at 3pm today! Or come along if you are in the 'hood!

Trickle………..Wine, from a Vine

The day began all gray and darkly dull, with clouds
so heavy and full, the sky was a trembling shroud of wetness
A glimmer of sun shine glistens on a leaf, bringing forth new
First leaves then precious blossoms swell, vining along eaves with sweet
The musty scent of grapes hangs thick in humid skies, as fingers sweet with syrup
The time has come for fruit to pick.
And that my friends is all the WiseWords I have for today,


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