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Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend shots anyone??

With the arrival of our friend Eric, things have been a little crrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzyyyyyyy around the house!! Ok, so maaaaaybe only a little bit crazier than our normal hectic lives (ha ha) but we had a stellar weekend and here are a few little photos courtesy of my little sister Cathyann. She and her hunk a hunk a burning love Johnathan took care of traipsing Eric from the Airport in Shannon safely to our home in Galway (only stopping at a few pubs along the way).
On Saturday, Cathyann took the kiddies into town and got their face painted whilst Ron took Eric around town to show him the sights. A lot of it looked very black and white to Eric - but he has been in training and is well able to hold his own with Arthur Guinness himself!

After spending several weeks looking for a fleece lined rain jacket because I had warned him about the inconsistent weather - Eric has not even unpacked his jacket. The weather has been sunny, bright and not a drop has rained on our little town since last Wednesday. He is thinking he will go home with a sun tan - then enter into the Guinness Book of World Records as the first tourist ever to get a tan whilst on holidays in Ireland!!

As you can see, the children are just as cute as can be and getting scarier by the minute. Granny was kind enough to take them off our hands for the night (Thank you!) and we headed into town to share some gourmet treats and a little more of the black stufff! We stopped in at 'Kettle o'Fish' for dinner and got 5 orders of fish and chips to go. Then stopping in at the local off license we picked up some Chimay Blue and sat down at the Spanish Arch watching the sunset and listening to the buskers play their tunes.

After a few pints in The Quays Pub, we headed off to The Crane bar, where there is always traditional Irish music playing. We spent the rest of the night listening to a local girl band from Galway - hearing some of the best harmonies we have ever heard!
A great night was had by all!
That is all the WiseWords we have for today,


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