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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Is this the BEGINING, or is this the END???

Henrietta: So Grace, what do ya think this is??
Grace: Hmmmm, not sure Henrietta, but I am sure it's for us!

That is exactly what everyone else around here is asking Ron - 'What exactly is that?'

Well folks, he has finally done it. He has started to build his bread/pizza oven! He sent away for the plans for said oven over fifteen years ago, and is finally getting around to building it. Does this tell you that the man has set roots so deep he has no intention of moving ever again and will cite said oven as the main reason!

As one can only imagine, this is an arduous task and thankfully there is no shortage of helping hands around here to keep Ron on his toes.

My brother Kenneth has stopped by on several occasions to help in the construction of the foundation of this monstrosity - sorry - oven, and thankfully it is starting to look like it might be finished before the end of the year!

You see, this is no ordinary oven folks, this is a COB bread oven. Cob (of clay and wattles made) is a mixture of mucky grey clay, sand and straw. You mix it all together (on a tarp with your feet) and then slowly (it takes several weeks) build your dome shaped oven.

Now that we have a lovely foundation that is seriously load bearing, the construction of the oven has begun. At some point, I will have Ron sit down and write a little piece to go with each picture so if any of you out there want to build your own it will be a piece of cake - ha ha ha!

If nothing else, it makes a damn fine dance floor for the kids right now and the hens have taken a liking to sheltering underneath from the rain or sun!
That is all the WiseWords I have for today!


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