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Friday, August 07, 2009

Summer fun with the children!

The summer has flown by so fast that I almost cried when I started to upload a few of these photos, wondering as many parents do 'where does the time go?'

With moving house and having a revolving door of visitors since April, we have spent much of our time sightseeing and enjoying a lot of time around our dinner table reminiscing with old and dear friends. The children have made lots of new friends in our neighborhood (see above photo). They are getting very excited about going back to school and thankful that they have a few more weeks of freedom at the same time.
We crossed a few hurdles this summer with the children. One being that of spice tolerance! Rory (from infancy) was used to eating spicy foods as she was weaned on Mussels Diavolo around 4 months of age. Jack on the other hand (as he came to us later at the age of 7 months) was weaned differently and has had a certain intolerance to spicy foods since then. Up until now, I have just made sure not to give him anything too hot - because the ranting and raving was not worth it.
So, a few weeks ago, I decided it was high time to educate his palate to all the different spices we use on a regular basis and see how he did. What a star!!
Rory's favourite 'spice' is still Raw Garlic (imagine that) followed closely by Coleman's English Mustard. Jack's was amazingly enough the Franks/Louisiana Hot Sauce followed by the Diavolo Sauce Ron uses frequently. Now when he tastes something hotter than hell, instead of freaking out and racing to the tap for water, he actually can identify what is is, and understands that it is not going to kill him! Saving the vindaloos until he gets a little older!

Another HUGE hurdle crossed this summer (and this one is big) both of the children learned how to ride their bikes without stabilisers/training wheels. It all started when we moved house because their is a huge field in the back of the house and the house is also surrounded by bikeable pavement. Jack was first to 'let go' and race around the grass with no help - an amazing feat for any child let alone a 4 year old, however, not to be outdone by her little brother, it was Ms. Rory Belle herself that raced around the house a few times solo before even realising she was 'doing it' without Daddy chasing after her to catch her when she fell!
This has been liberating for them both, and needless to say for Mama too!

We have spent a lot of days beach combing around here (as there are lots of beaches) and we have had a hard time keeping the children out of the water. Even with the temperature of the water being frigid, they still strip down to near naked and dive right in. I think their blood runs so much warmer than ours - as we sit shivering on the sand watching them.

They are still little American babies at heart. They have (amazingly) great memories of our life left behind in America and it is so cute to still hear the little Yankee twang they both speak with.
I am certain in another year that twang will just be a distant memory for all of us.

All in all the children are growing like weeds and eating us out of house and home. They are happy and healthy, as are we!
Looking forward to catching up with y'all soon!
That is all the WiseWords I have for today,


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